Celebration of Walter Eriksson's life & Steak Shoot & Social, June 23rd, 2007.

We had a very spiritual and sometimes quite funny and fond celebration of Walter's life after the Regular Steak Shoot and Social. After 4 o'clock PM, we all gathered in the Clubhouse, and Wally Baas, President of the Valley Fish and Game Club, said a few words and welcomed us all and especially Walters family, sitting at the front of the room next to a table with a collage of pictures from Walters life and the new permanent Walter Eriksson Trophies. Bob Boswell shared a great hunting story that he had experienced with Walter and introduced the new permanent Walter Eriksson trophies, in A,B & C class. Howard Smith told the story of how Walter and he had found the land for the club and (without permission) clear cut it to make room for it. Jim Eddy, told the story how Walter had made him come along to the clubhouse ground and strip the logs, that where to make up the new Clubhouse, and Jerry Gergely told a hunting/cooking story of the art of how not to make biscuits... Finally Walters Wife Wilma and daughter thanked the club, and we broke up for the Annie Oakley part of the Steak Shoot (Norm won, since Richard Arnason, shot out of sequence, thereby disqualifying himself, a nice way of saying he was to trigger happy...). We had a wonderful meal, prepared by the marvelous kitchen committee.

All in all a very worthy celebration of a great man and friend.

Here are some of the pictures:

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