Woodcut 6 jan 07


The work party on January 6, 2007 was a great success! The weather was great and about
10 people and 6 trucks showed up. Thanks to a generous donation of wood by a
local resident we had fallen stacked wood to cut right in town! When we
arrived at the site some of the guys were already hard at work cutting it
The pro fallers made short work with their saws and the rest of us pitched
in splitting and loading. In only a couple of hours all 6 trucks were
overloaded and we headed back to the club. At this point we realized just
how much wood we had when time came to carry it around to the woodshed. It
was quickly agreed to pile it out front and break for food and beer!
A great time all round and hopefully we can arrange a stacking parting in
the near future.


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